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The US presidential election will take place in 2024. Forum Groningen is marking this political battle with an exhibition of American artist Andres Serrano's work, starring the presidential candidate on whom all eyes are focused: Donald Trump. The exhibition America & Trump by Andres Serrano can be seen at the Forum from Saturday 23 March until 5 November 2024.

America & Trump by Andres Serrano
America & Trump by Andres Serrano consists of a unique composition of three works by Serrano, shown together for the first time. Together, these works act as a reflection on U.S. society and on Donald Trump, who after a career as an entrepreneur, real estate magnate and media personality, ascended to America’s highest office and is now attempting to repeat this feat.

His photographic series America (2001-2004)
Andres Serrano spent more than three years creating his America series, a collection of photographic portraits of unknown and well-known Americans from firefighters to drug addicts and Yoko Ono to Donald Trump. Viewed through Serrano’s lens, each represents the face of America in their own way.

The multimedia-installation The Game: All Things Trump (2018-2019) 
The Game: All Things Trump shows the universe Donald Trump has been building up around himself since the 1980s. The installation consists of an impressive collection of over a thousand objects assembled by Serrano through auctions, eBay and by word of mouth. Items include Trump-branded hotel and casino souvenirs, sports memorabilia, signed magazine covers and photographs.

The film Insurrection (2022)
Insurrection is Serrano’s first project using film as a medium. He created it in response to the events of 6 January 2021, when a protest against the November 2020 election results transformed into an attack on the United States Capitol.

Andres Serrano
Andres Serrano (New York, 1950) engages with modern society through photography that is often transgressive. His Piss Christ (1987), an image of a crucifix submerged in urine, fuelled debate on the freedom of artistic expression and public funding of controversial art in America. In the Netherlands, too, Andres Serrano’s exhibition A History of Sex at the Groninger Museum caused quite a stir in 1997. Universal themes such as death, religion, sex and violence feature heavily in Serrano’s work.

Forum Groningen presents this exhibition in collaboration with Andres Serrano, A/POLITICAL (London) www.a-political.org and Collection Lambert (Avignon).

Tickets and opening hours
In the calendar below, you can order tickets for the first week of the exhibition and from next week until 5 November. The exhibition can be visited from 23 March to 5 November 2024 from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm. During holidays, the exhibition will also be open on Mondays.

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