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Browse our collection and find books, DVDs, magazines, or games.

We keep adding amazing titles to our English-language collection, including children’s books!

Searching the English-language collection

Our online catalogue is set up in Dutch – this is something we can’t change. So how do you search for English-language items?

When you search by title or author, for example, you can filter down by 'Taal' ('taal' means language). Choose 'English' or any other language you're looking for.

Useful glossary to help you use our catalogue

Below is a list of the main terms in our online catalogue and their translation in English:

  • Zoeken: Search
  • Verfijnen: Filter
  • Sorteer op: Sort by
  • Reserveren: Make a reservation
  • Lenersnummer: User ID
  • Wachtwoord: Password
  • Mijn gegevens: My details
  • Landelijke catalogus: National library collection
  • Materiaal: All sorts of items you can borrow, like books, DVDs, Blu-ray, games, etc.
  • Vestiging: Library location

Find newspapers in our PressReader >

Find newspapers in our PressReader >