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Ticket information

Activities, events and courses

There are no fixed prices for events, courses, talks, debates etc. Ticket prices are specified in the event information on our website.

Do you have a ticket for an online event? You will receive an e-mail in with the details you need to follow the event. Have you not received an e-mail? Send an e-mail with the confirmation of your order to tickets@forum.nl. Please note: the online events, talks and courses are live and therefore cannot be viewed at a later time.

Films en documentaries

Regular price€ 11,50
Juniors 16-24 and students€ 9,50
Juniors 7 - 15€ 8,50
Children up to 6€ 7,00
National premiere*€ 5,75
Cineville card (see conditions)Free
Sneak preview price€ 8,00
Stadjerspas**€ 5,50
10 Film Pass€ 85,00
Long film surcharge+ € 3,50

Different prices may apply for special film screenings.

*National premiere discount

Films traditionally premiere on Thursdays. If you have a Forumpas, we offer you 50% off the ticket price of national premieres on Premiere Thursdays.

**Stadjerspas (low income pass) discount

Stadjerspas discount tickets can only be purchased at the box office. Films may be sold out before the box office opens, so make sure you’re on time.

10 Film Pass


Cineville membership


Cinema voucher and gift cards


Frequently asked questions about tickets

Can I reserve tickets?

We no longer offer the option to reserve tickets, as tickets weren’t always collected. We would be left with empty seats that could have been used for other people. If you want to be sure of your spot, you can go to our website to buy your tickets in advance. This way you’ll never miss out!

Can I return tickets?

Tickets can’t be returned. We will only offer you a replacement or refund if a film screening, event, or other activity is cancelled. You can give your ticket to someone else or resell it for the same or a lower price.

Do I need to print my e-ticket?

No, you don’t need to print your tickets. You can if you prefer to, but we can simply scan them from your smartphone. Make sure to set your screen to maximum brightness.

Do you offer allocated seating?

No, you can sit wherever you like.

I haven’t received my e-ticket, what should I do?

It may take a while before you receive your e-ticket, as your payment has to be processed first. Make sure to check your spam folder – if you haven’t received your tickets after 10 minutes, please contact us at support@forum.nl or call our box office on +31 (0)50 368 36 02. Don't worry, we’ll make sure you get your tickets!

Any other questions?

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