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Learning Dutch

Do you want to learn Dutch? You can take a language course or visit the Taalcafé (Language Café).

Language course

Conversation course

Practice your Dutch in a relaxed way. In small groups you talk about matters from the news and experiences in the Netherlands. 


Do you know someone who wants to learn Dutch? Or would you like to learn Dutch yourself? And get to know new people at the same time? Then come to the Taalcafé! You can find us in Selwerd and Ten Boer.

Dutch as a second language

Learning the language is a good way to get familiar with the country you live in, for a shorter or longer period. At the Forum you can take courses 'Dutch language' on different levels, from beginning up to advanced. You will be introduced to the grammatical structure of the language and much attention is payed to practical skills like speaking and writing. The lessons are given by certified teachers.

Courses will start again january 2022.