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Sorry, we're closed until further notice. We miss you! On this page, we'll give you some film tips to watch at home.

Watch IDFA-docs for free

Documentary Festival IDFA put hundreds of their films online to watch for free ánd offer great curated lists for those who feel overwhelmed by the online catalogue.

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Watch IDFA-docs for free

IFFR: watch La Flor online (for free!)

La Flor is a festival in itself: a film almost 14 hours long, told in six different episodes, styles and genres. For ten years Argentine filmmaker Mariano Llinás has worked on this ambitious masterpiece and it was screened during IFFR in Groningen 2019. Until the 6th of April, you can watch it online for free.

Watch La Flor
IFFR: watch La Flor online (for free!)

Expat Cinema

Our weekly Expat Cinema, where you can watch an international movie with English subtitles every Friday evening, is canceled until further notice.

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