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Libraries, city of Groningen

All our libraries are wheelchair accessible and have a toilet for the disabled.

Forum, Nieuwe Markt 1

We have done our utmost to make our new building accessible to all visitors. We have worked in close collaboration with Toegankelijk Groningen (Groningen Accessible), a project by the zaVie Foundation in Groningen.

Wheelchair accessibility

The entire building is accessible to people in a wheelchair. There's ample turning space for wheelchairs and all floors are accessible by lift. Normally you can reach the rooftop terrace by taking the disabled lift from the tenth floor on the east side of the building. 

Our entire cinema is wheelchair accessible and each theatre has one or two wheelchair spaces.

Please note: the Forum is not accessible to mobility scooters.

Roof terrace access with disabled lift

On the 10th floor, you can use the elevator to access the roof terrace. You will find the elevator to the roof terrace on the east side of the building. The lift can be used independently by visitors and closes at the same time as the roof terrace closes.

Toilets for the disabled

There are seven toilets for the disabled, located on several floors.

Visually impaired

Films with audio description can be experienced via the Earcatch app. We'll let visitors know in advance which films are audio-described.

Hearing impaired

We've installed Sennheiser infrared audio transmitters in all our theatres and the Rabo Studio auditorium, which can be used by anyone with an infrared hearing aid. Don't worry if you’ve forgotten your receiver – you can borrow one from us!

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