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Privacy Statement

If you are reading this...

1. You have bought tickets from us online
2. You are a member of our library
3. You have visited our website
4. You are getting our mailings
5. Or you follow us on social media
6. You have a Forum Pass

If you are reading this...

"We always treat your data confidentially."

A bit dry? Well, yes. But bear with us – it's YOUR data we're talking about.

At the Forum, we take your data very seriously. That's why we'll explain below which data we collect, and why. And what you can do if you don't agree with how we handle your data. We'll try to keep things as simple as possible.

What we collect from you and why

Which data we collect from you depends on why you're contacting us: are you buying tickets to a film, an event, or a debate? Or are you a member of one of our libraries (city of Groningen)? Whatever your purpose, we'll only ever collect the data that we really need and we'll always treat your data confidentially.

"We only collect data that is necessary for the specific purpose of your contact with us."

The processing of personal data is carried out in a manner consistent with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All information is stored securely and can only be accessed by those who have a need to access it. We do so by taking technical, safety and organisational precautions. Nothing very exciting really; we only do this so we can serve you and others as well as possible. We'll explain below how this works for each situation.

1. Are you buying a ticket online?

When you buy tickets through our website, you create a ticket account. These are the thing we collect from you:

- First and last name: so we know how to address you.
- Email address: so that we can send you your e-tickets and email you in case of a cancellation, for instance (for 'service emails', see section 4a).

The following details are optional:

- Address: so we know where our visitors come from.
- Telephone number: so we can reach you in case of a last-minute cancellation of an event or a film.
- Date of birth: so we can calculate the average age of our visitors (at certain events).

I want to access or make changes to my data

You can access, delete or make changes to your profile if you have an account.
You can also send an email with a "Request for Inspection". For this, a copy of an ID must be included. Consider removing your Citizen Service Number and blackening the photo. The copy is necessary to determine whether the application comes from the correct person. The request for access and the accompanying copy can be sent to: meldpuntavg@forum.nl

2. Are you a member of our library?

When you become a member of our library (city of Groningen), you agree to our terms and conditions, of course. Because this is a membership, we collect the following things from you:

- Name: because your membership is personal, your name will appear on your library card.
- Gender: our visitors' gender is currently being collected. However, we don't actually use this information. That's why we're busy removing this data from all our members' accounts and making sure new members no longer have to enter their gender.
- Date of birth: to ensure you get the right membership. For example: it's free for children to become a member, but they're not allowed to borrow any items rated 18+.
- Address: so we can send you your library card.
- Email address: so we can email you when necessary, to let you know when your loans are overdue, for example, or when your reserved items are ready for pick-up (these are service emails, see also section 4).

The following details are optional:

- Telephone number: so we can reach you.

I want to access or make changes to my data

When you log in via the library page on our website, you can access and make changes to your details yourself.

As a library member you can cancel your membership on a month-by-month basis after your first year. If you cancel your membership, we won't keep your data longer than necessary for statistical purposes.

3. Are you visiting our website?

We're talking cookies! First of all – did you know you can disable cookies yourself (for all websites that you visit) in your browser settings?

Back to our policy. We use analytical cookies to learn more about how people visit and use our website. We use this data to improve our website. We also use functional cookies that make your visit to our website(s) easier and more enjoyable. These cookies ensure, for example, that your browser remembers your password. And on our website they help you save performances and activities for later.

We also use tracking cookies to find out what you're interested in, so we can show you relevant content based on your interests. We need your permission to place tracking cookies. We'll ask your permission when you visit our website. By clicking on accept, continuing your visit, clicking on links or parts, or in any way continuing to browse within our website, you consent to the installation of tracking cookies by means of an active action (an opt-in).

4. Do you receive our mailings?

We make a distinction between newsletters, service emails and evaluation emails.

4.a. Newsletters

We only send newsletters in Dutch. We'll need your e-mail address if you want to receive them. Every newsletter contains a link you can use to access or make changes to your data, plus an unsubscribe link.

4.b Service emails

Service emails are part of the service you receive from us. This could be an email with the e-tickets you've just purchased, for example. If you're a member of our library, you'll receive service emails regarding overdue items. You cannot unsubscribe from these kinds of emails.

We also send service emails as an extra service to our visitors, such as sending you the timetable or other practical information before an event you're attending. You can unsubscribe from these service emails in your ticket account. And every email we send you has an unsubscribe button.

4.c Evaluations

We might send you an evaluation email after an event. We do so on the basis of a legitimate interest. Our customers' feedback is very important for us to improve our services, and it's a relatively small invasion of your privacy. You can unsubscribe from these evaluation emails in your ticket account. And every email we send you has an unsubscribe button.

5. Are you following us?

Yay! If you follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn), the privacy agreements of these media apply. You'll have to log in there to change your settings.

6. Do you have a Forum Pass?

We hope you have been putting your discounts to good use! By activating the Forum Pass you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions. In doing so, you have allowed us to subscribe you to the Expo & Highlight newsletter and to send you tips and special offers for Forum Pass users.

The Forum Pass entitles you to a discount on certain activities or products selected by us. Forum Groningen has the right to change and/or withdraw discounts at any time. Discounts only apply to the regular rate and cannot be exchanged for money.

Discounts may only be used by users with a Forum Pass that is linked to a personal ticket account at www.forum.nl

Read more. Discounts can be activated by ordering tickets online using your personal account or by scanning the Forum Pass at one of the ticket machines at Forum Groningen. A discount code can only be redeemed once and is valid for one person.

Just one last thing about photos and videos

During festivals and events in or near our locations we often take photographs or videos. We use this footage for our own archive and to promote this or similar events and we love to share the photos with all visitors via social media and/or direct mail afterwards. We do so on the basis of a legitimate interest. Our photographer will always be clearly recognisable. If you object to your photo being taken, you can let our photographer know. We'll make sure not to show you.

Children under 16 may be portrayed unless they wear a “do not photograph” button. These are available from the information desk. We put up a sign during youth events to remind you of this method.

If you object to your or your child's identifiable image being shown, despite the care we take to avoid this, please contact us at the email address below. We'll make sure to delete the photo.

Do you want to make any changes or do you have a question?

You can access and make changes to your details yourself in your ticket account and/or library account. For more information about any personal data collected from you at the Forum Groningen, please contact us at meldpuntavg@forum.nl. You'll receive access in a letter or via email within four weeks.

- Version 8, February 5th 2024