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Come and play at Wonderland!

First floor | Ages 0 - 9

The fun starts as soon as you step inside! This part of Wonderland is full of awesome interactive installations suitable for children aged 6 and up. And along the walls you'll find the coolest books.

Feel like reading a book together? There are plenty of comfortable spots to read at the back. Little ones will have a great time exploring our baby books, picture books and find-and-seek books. Wonderland also has books for early readers and children's books in other languages.

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Second floor | Ages 9 - 15

After exploring the installations at the entrance of Wonderland, older children take the winding stairs to the next floor. Grab your favourite book and settle in for some serious chilling in the hanging net!

At the back is a large table with fun things such as tiny robots and technical gadgets. Here you'll also find informative books on all kinds of topics and the Easy Reading Area (for children with reading difficulties).

Interactive installations | Ages 6 and up

As soon as you step into Wonderland, you'll be greeted by a number of interactive games and installations. This is a fun way to explore stories, both in words and pictures. Have a try at making a stop-motion video, or create your own story in the Virtual Bookcase. Or find one of the many creation stations and get creative!

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