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House rules

To ensure that everyone can enjoy their visit, we have house rules that apply at the Forum and the Forum libraries.

Feel free to visit us to read, watch a video, study or while away some time. Our locations are freely accessible and we do everything in our power to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

To loan materials or access the internet on our public PCs, you need a library card; to visit a film, workshop, event or activity, you need a valid admission ticket.

To ensure a pleasant stay, we ask you not to cause any nuisance and respect each other, the building, and all materials. By entering the Forum or one of our Forum libraries, you agree to our house rules.

In case of violation of the house rules, we have the authority to remove the visitors or deny them access. In all other situations that may occur, we are authorised to take any measures we deem necessary.


  • PROPERTY Take good care of your belongings. The Forum is not responsible for loss, theft or damage.
  • SMOKING Smoking (also e-cigarettes) is only allowed outside the premises of Forum and the Forum libraries.
  • BICYCLES Park your bicycle in the designated underground bicycle parking or in the bicycle racks. Bicycles parked elsewhere will be removed.
  • ASSISTANCE DOGS are welcome. Other pets and animals are not allowed.
  • ALCOHOL and/or DRUGS The possession, use and/or being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs are not allowed.
  • BEHAVIOUR If you cause nuisance, for example by smell, sounds, looks, touches or other offensive behaviour, our employees may take action.
  • FOOD Having food delivered to or eating food in the Forum is not allowed.
  • CHILDREN Children aged 11 and under must at all times be accompanied by their parents/guardians. Parents will at all times be responsible for the behaviour of their children.
  • LOST & FOUND, FIRST AID Contact the doorman or one of our staff.

In order to quickly resolve any misunderstandings, you are requested to cooperate with a search of your clothing or bags if there is reason to do so. Theft or behaviour that gives cause to do so will be reported to the police.

Additional rules for Forum, Nieuwe Markt 1

  • SURVEILLANCE Our building has CCTV surveillance.
  • AGE We are required by law to adhere to the age rating for films and may therefore ask you for your ID.
  • YOUTH After 8pm, children and young people under the age of 16 are only admitted when accompanied by an adult. 
  • NUISANCE Screaming, yelling, running across the squares or escalators, etc. - if you cause a nuisance, we will deny you access to the building.
  • SMOKING Smoking (even e-cigarettes) is only allowed outside the premises of Forum. Smoking is also prohibited on the roof terrace.
  • NO VALID TICKET Access to film theatres or other events only with a valid ticket. No access to films without a ticket. In case of violation, you risk a fine or we will call in the police.
  • FOOD AND DRINKS Eating or drinking food you brought yourself is not permitted. Food and drinks bought at STACH or the Camera Café can be taken into the film theatre.
  • ALCOHOL Consumption of alcohol by persons under 18 is prohibited by law. When in doubt, we are required to ask for your ID.
  • MOBILE PHONE Mobile phones must be switched off in the cinemas during the screening.
  • SAFE You can use one of the free safes on the ground floor. The safes must be empty before the building closes at night. We will empty any contents left in the safes.

Additional rules for Forum libraries (excl. Nieuwe Markt 1)

  • SURVEILLANCE Our locations have CCTV surveillance and our materials are visibly and invisibly secured. When the alarm goes off, please report to one of our employees.
  • FOOD AND DRINKS Eating or drinking food in the Forum libraries is only permitted in the designated areas.
  • MOBILE PHONE The use of mobile phones is permitted anywhere, as long as you don’t cause any nuisance.

Photo shoots and video recordings

In principle, you can take photographs and make video recordings anywhere in our building. However, please keep the following in mind:

  • You must stay in the public areas in the building and not block any walking routes.
  • You do not cause a nuisance to other visitors and you do not show people who have not given their permission for you to do so.
  • You are self-sufficient: you cannot use our power or equipment.

(Semi-)professional photo shoots and video recordings for which you bring a lot of people or equipment must be announced to us in advance. To do so, send an email to info@forum.nl and let us know when you will be coming (date + time), with how many people you plan to come, and a telephone number of a contact on site.