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Library and kiosk

You'll find our collection of novels, DVDs, informative books, comics, games, magazines, newspapers and much more throughout the Forum.


Our kiosk on the first floor, above the public gallery, is where you'll find current newspapers and magazines. And plenty of space to sit down and leaf through them, of course – while enjoying a cappuccino from the grand café.

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Our amazing selection of young adult books, comics, magazines, picture books, children's films and games is located at Wonderland, on the first and second floor.

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To Wonderland


The third floor is home to our fiction collection. This is where you'll find all Dutch and foreign-language novels, poetry, detectives and thrillers.

Find a comfortable spot at one of our many reading areas and let your imagination wander as you browse through our collection. This area also hosts intimate lectures and interviews with writers and poets.

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Library collection and membership


The eighth floor is all about knowledge and information – immerse yourself in our books about science, religion, philosophy, psychology, cooking, travel and more.

This is the perfect place for work and study. The only distraction you'll have is the amazing view of the Martini tower!

Film and DVDs

The cinemas can be reached via the film square. The film square is accessible to everyone. This is where you'll find the Camera Café and our collection of all things media – not just our extensive collection of DVDs, but Virtual Reality presentations too, for example.

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Cinema programme


Attend one of our workshops or one-off activities at the Smartlab on the sixth floor to learn all about new techniques and old crafts. This floor is also home to our nature and technology collection.

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More about the Smartlab