Raak mij aan! Touch me!

A droll mystery noir about a tight-knit seaside neighbourhood.

The late Georgian writer, filmmaker and university professor, Zaza Khalvashi, delivers a quirky yet genuine tale of mundanity in this posthumously produced feature, completed with the help of his daughter Tamta Khalvashi. Drawing Lots is a vignette of a seaside community where an apartment block and courtyard serve as an amphitheatre for the mysterious power dynamics that play out in the residents’ intertwined lives.

Reminiscent of the misplaced climaxes of petty neighbourhood scheming and idiosyncratic localities distinctive of Béla Tarr’s films, and the deadpan undertones captured across Aki Kaurismäki’s oeuvre, the black-and-white presentation of Drawing Lots manifests a curious depth to common interactions. Khalvashi masterfully offers the audience only glimpses into the secrets and dreams of the apartment complex’s everyday figures: a melodramatic electric guitarist, unrequited love-struck teenagers, a classical violinist in a mid-life crisis, and a recently returned criminal. These fleeting snapshots create intrigue and tension as their daily lives and voyeuristic tendencies collide.


Friday 3 February
11:15 till 12:39
Incl. an introduction
Camera 4
€ 10.00
Sunday 5 February
16:30 till 17:54
Camera 1
€ 10.00
Georgisch gesproken, Engels ondertiteld
84 min
Inga Jakhutashvili, Guladi Goguadze, Leila Bibineishvili, Anri Mutidze, Omar Beridze
Zaza Khalvashi, Tamta Khalvashi

IFFR in Groningen

The International Film Festival Rotterdam is coming to Groningen! 

From Wednesday 1 to Sunday 5 February.

IFFR in Groningen is the perfect opportunity to explore unknown, international gems or to discover the special titles of the upcoming film year.

IFFR in Groningen


No Bears No Bears

No Bears

Thursday 2 February 5:15 PM tot 7:02 PM
Un Petit Frère Un Petit Frère

Un Petit Frère

Nuanced, intimate saga of an Ivorian family's integration into France, narrated over thirty years.

Friday 3 February 11:30 AM tot 1:26 PM
Unidentified Unidentified


A whimsical debut feature that explores what it means te be human and/or alien.

Saturday 4 February 6:45 PM tot 8:05 PM