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Eye Filmmuseum and the British Film Institute (BFI) present a compilation film of newly-restored rare images from the collection of the Mutoscope and Biograph Company, one of the pioneers of film.

Let yourself be carried away to Venice, Berlin, and Amsterdam 120 years ago and feel the enthusiasm of early cinema. With the support of the European Commission, a selection of fifty films from the Mutoscope and Biograph collections held at Eye and the BFI were digitised and restored (8K). These one-minute time capsules – shot on 68-mm nitrate film stock – provided extraordinarily high-resolution images, conveying some of the richest and sharpest images that film can achieve.

The compilation film gives viewers an insight into life in the 1900s, when cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam and London experienced explosive growth. The enchanting images of Venice – which was a tourist destination for the happy few at the time – are simply mesmerising. Mutoscope and Biograph Company was one of the first companies to capture moving images of important events, which were shown around the world. The BFI and Eye Filmmuseum have preserved some of these films. The collection at Eye, which included over 200 films, constitutes the largest existing collection of Mutoscope and Biograph films surviving in the world.

The composer and concert pianist Daan van den Hurk (b. 1987) wrote a new score for this compilation. Mr Van den Hurk specialises in the live accompaniment of silent films and has already performed at the Pordenone Silent Film Festival, the Locarno Film Festival and the Bristol Slapstick Festival. He is also the director and founder of the Nederlands Silent Film Festival.

English spoken, Dutch subtitles


Saturday 5 December
10:15 till 11:15
Last screening
Rabo Studio
€ 10.50

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