Raak mij aan! Touch me!

With her award-winning debut, filmmaker Jennifer Kent shows in a chilling way that a monster can also come from within in the form of fears and traumas.

Mother Amelia reads to her son Samuel from a book that then takes on a deeply disturbing role in their lives. Does the drawn monster in the book really exist, or just in the kid's fantasy? And what goes on in the head of the emotionally volatile mother?

Jennifer Kent turns her feature film debut into her short film Monster into a fascinatingly terrifying jumble of associations that can be supernatural or psychological in nature. Director Kent and actress Davis received significant awards.

Source: VPRO

This film is part of the theme program Creatures from the Depths, with groundbreaking, modern and classic monster films from all corners of the world.


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Engels gesproken, Engels ondertiteld
94 min
Essie Davis, Noah Wisemen, Hayley McElhinney
Jennifer Kent