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In the silent film era, Lois Weber's films were shockingly ahead of their time—and immensely popular, too.

She wrote, directed, produced, and occasionally starred in her films, pioneered techniques such as split screen and double exposure, and by 1916 was the highest paid studio director in the US, male or female.

In this performance you will see two of her short films, Shoes and Suspense, accompanied live musically by Kevin Toma. Kevin Toma, film journalist at de Volkskrant, has been accompanying silent films with his own compositions since 1994. With Suspense he will improvise on the piano and for Shoes he has composed a beautiful piece with piano and electronic music.

Suspense (1913)

The story of the 11-minute thriller Suspense is simple: a bum threatens a mother and child, while the child's father runs home to rescue them, but the techniques used to tell it are astonishingly complex and groundbreaking. See where Hitchcock and Kubrick got their inspiration!

Shoes (1916)

This tragic story is considered one of Weber's masterpieces. Young Eva Meyer has to support her family with her job as a shop assistant. She barely gets by and almost slips into prostitution. Shot largely on location in the underprivileged neighborhoods of Los Angeles, the film's raw and realistic style was unique for an early twentieth-century film.

These films have English intertitles.


Saturday 18 September
16:00 till 17:15
Camera 4
€ 15.00

Women Make Film

Women have written, directed and produced films since the early days of cinema. Still, they are rarely over-represented on lists and at award ceremonies. That’s why you can see the brand new monumental documentary series Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema in September. We will also screen some 25 surprising and ceiling-breaking gems you should not miss, all of them made by female film makers.

In collaboration with Internationaal Filmfestival Assen.

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