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Special online edition!

The world is plagued by pestilence, yet the call to adventure will not be silenced! That’s why Pub Heroes hosts special online editions of your favourite D&D event. Until we can play at Forum Groningen again, we invite you to our own Discord server, where we have virtual tables ready for you. You only need a computer (with mic and an internet connection). The next online event will take place on May 21st. You can find tickets here

When you have bought your ticket, you can choose to get your gaming materials delivered to your doorstep. Not only your character sheet, but also physical (paper) items and clues you can find and use during the session. That way, we make the online session as tangible as a “real” game night! We will also ask some questions to help with the online organization. 

As a refresher: Dungeons & Dragons is a well known tabletop roleplaying game, which you might know from series like Stranger Things, Community and The Big Bang Theory. Together with your fellow players you create an epic story about adventure, heroism and awesomeness! The event is suited for both Dutch and English speaking people.

Want to know more? Check our website.

Friday 21 May
19:00 till 23:00
from 12,50