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Learning the language is a good way to familiarize yourself with the country where you live for a shorter or longer period of time. At the Forum you can take Dutch lessons at different levels. You will be taught by certified teachers. During the lessons you will get to know the grammatical structure of the language. Much attention is also paid to practical applications such as speaking and writing.

The course can be followed by those who have a more than adequate knowledge of Dutch. During the course a number of more complicated topics from grammar are discussed. We further expand the vocabulary on the basis of authentic Dutch texts. Much attention is paid to speaking and writing skills.

Students who participate in at least nineteen of the twenty-four lessons can, if desired, receive a certificate at the end of the course. The course consists of 24 lessons of one and a half hours, twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday (afternoon or evening).

Teaching material

De Finale (2019, sixth edition) - Maud Beersmans and Wim Tersteeg, Boom Publishers (ISBN 9789461055712), among others available at the Van der Velde bookshop on the Grote Markt or via www.nt2.nl The costs for teaching materials are not included in the course price.


There are no new dates planned (yet) for Nederlands als tweede taal B2.

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Conversation courses

Conversation courses

Friday 24 September 9:30 AM tot 11:00 AM
International Movie Night

International Movie Night

Sunday 26 September 7:00 PM tot 8:40 PM