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The 10th edition of the Groningen Night of Philosophy!

'Why a Groningen Night of Philosophy? Because it's fun to think about things you wouldn't think about otherwise. That can change your view of the world. Or not, but then you know better why you hold on to your gaze. Difficult? Sometimes, but that is not always a disadvantage.' With these words, the first Groningen Night of Philosophy announced itself and this year we are already celebrating the tenth edition!

On April 21, the Forum Groningen will be filled with philosophical issues and everyday questions, philosophers and visionaries. To lift a corner of the veil, we reveal that historian Andrea Wulf will talk about Rebel Geniuses in her recently published work about the romantic philosophers around 1800 in the German university town of Jena. With Ray Monk we celebrate the centenary of the Tractatus of Wittgenstein, one of the most imaginative philosophers. And Patricia MacCormack will talk about her book The Ahuman Manifesto in which she argues, among other things, that the human species must stop reproducing.

Certainly, plenty of attention will also be paid to the theme of the Month of Philosophy: Defenseless and Valuable.

The Groningen Night of Philosophy is a collaboration between Studium Generale Groningen, the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Groningen and Forum Groningen


Friday 21 April
19:30 till 00:30
Forum Groningen Nieuwe Markt
€ 15.00