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Game On - Experience 50 years of videogames
From 2 October

Game On - Experience 50 years of videogames

From 2 October, the ultimate interactive exhibition on computer games is open at Forum Groningen. Millions of people around the world, of all ages, have already visited this popular (or maybe use groundbreaking) exhibition.

What can you see and do?

Game On takes an in-depth look at the incredible evolution of videogames over the past 50 years. The exhibition features the world’s largest collection of playable games, with 120 arcade games, handheld consoles and everything in between, including Computer Space and the Commodore 64, Street Fighter 5 and the PlayStation 5, Space Invaders and Halo. But Game On also presents a collection of unique objects, initial concept sketches and original illustrations, giving visitors an opportunity to find out more about the creative processes behind these games.

Because we have a number of excellent videogame companies in the Netherlands, the exhibition also focuses on the work of these makers, including Horizon Forbidden West, the eagerly-awaited sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn by Amsterdam-based videogame studio Guerrilla Games.

1971 – 2021: 50 years of computer game history

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of the first commercially available arcade game. Computer Space was released in November 1971, bringing videogames to the masses. Three billion people worldwide now play videogames. On a commercial level, the video game industry has also grown exponentially, making it a bigger moneymaker in 2021 than the film and sports industries combined. To celebrate 50 years of gaming history, Forum Groningen is bringing this interactive exhibition to the Netherlands.

Exhibition Game On - Experience 50 years of video games
From Saturday 2 October 2021 until Sunday 6 March 2022
Start of ticket sales: 1 September 2021

Game On is curated and produced by Barbican International Enterprises in close collaboration with Forum Groningen and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

Fotocredits: (c) Dado Marietti, Richard Kenworthy, Anna Gerden, Fundacion Canal (Madrid).