Raak mij aan! Touch me!

This extraordinary film follows an ordinary plot; a woman’s complete love life, but with a twist of biology and feminism. 

Almost like a diary, Signe Baumane tells all about what she encountered thus far in her love life. How do you handle your first crush? What does love look like? How do you behave, not only as a girl, but as a girl in love? And how do you behave as a married woman?

Protagonist Zelma grows up before your eyes and during her life, she gets a lot of rules to keep following. Pretty girls get boyfriends, but if they seem too smart no boy will like them. As a married woman, you should do everything around the house and expect absolutely nothing in return from your husband. Even though Zelma doesn’t always agree with these stereotypical gender roles, she keeps living according to them. As she gets older, she feels less and less compelled to keep complying.  

Although the film is very feminist and focused on social conduct, you also get to know the biological side of love. Love looks very different to the brain than to what society sees as love. Your brain recognizes a good partner by a differing palette of bacteria in their saliva. And you could almost see love as an addiction, when you notice the extreme high you get from dopamine and oxytocin..! 


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Engels gesproken, niet ondertiteld
107 min
Signe Baumane