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The wealthy Baron Ronald Busch Reisinger is a striking and popular guest on a luxury cruise ship.

He tells the most fantastic stories about his life to his fellow passengers, who hang on his every word, but sometimes have no idea what to make of this portly figure—or so it seems. Ronnie is apparently not only a Scottish baron, but also the king of a piece of land in Africa.

The camera follows him during his vacation on board. Beautiful images of vast cruise ships slowly sailing by, the endless sea, the luxury accommodations, the ever-present staff and entertainment provide a picture of life aboard the ship, accompanied by a score reminiscent of TV series like The Love Boat. Nevertheless, it gradually becomes clear that behind this facade of decadence, there is a great deal of emptiness. In an interview in his cabin, Baron Ronnie reveals more and more of the other, lonelier side of his existence.

IDFA Deluxe: Monday 2 Dec 8pm

You can enjoy this documentary in the brand new Camera 3 Deluxe room of the Forum, with lounge chairs and its own bar.

Tickets include a snack and drink.


Sunday 1 December
17:30 till 18:45
Camera 1
€ 10.50
Monday 2 December
20:00 till 21:15
IDFA Deluxe
Camera 3 Deluxe
€ 15.00

Director: Sophie Dros

Length: 75 min.

Language: English spoken, Dutch subtitles

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