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Quentin Tarantino was in Amsterdam to promote his new book Cinema Speculation. A film that he discusses in detail and recommended as a Weekend Guide in Volkskrant Magazine is the seventies classic Rolling Thunder.

"In America, that film is quite well known among genre fans and movie buffs, but worldwide it deserves more recognition," said Tarantino. In the revenge film, from a drastically rewritten script by Taxi Driver screenwriter Paul Schrader, a Vietnam veteran (William Devane) imprisoned in Vietnam and hailed as a hero at home moves towards an explosion of violence after criminals murder his family.

Tarantino: "You can think of Rolling Thunder as just another weeknight movie: great to enjoy, everything works. And at the same time there's an incredible amount of story lurking beneath the surface: it's left unsaid, it's there for you to look at. dig. And the more you dig, the more you get. With that movie, for the first time, I started speculating about everything that isn't literally in the movie." (Source: Volkskrant)


There are no new dates planned (yet) for Classics: Rolling Thunder.

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