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June 2, 3 and 4



On 2, 3 and 4 June 2023, there will be a brand new edition of our own animation film festival: Framed!

What is Framed?

In 2022 you could visit Framed in Forum Groningen. A festival bursting with animation films, masterclasses and talks from local and (inter)national makers. Framed is a festival for Disney fans, Ghibli connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Framed offers adult entertainment and depth. You discover a fascinating visual language, brought to life by hand or computer. Whether you are a diehard animation fan or just curious, you can indulge yourself during Framed! You will see original shorts, feature films and gems that have never been seen in the cinema before. With a special focus on anime and stop-motion films last year!

But Framed is more: In addition to the festival, we organize special animation film evenings all year round with connoisseurs and makers, to give you a look behind the scenes. Curious? Stay informed about the program via the Forum's film newsletter.

All films and talks below are suitable for English speakers.

Framed screenings

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Tuesday 12 December 10:00 AM tot 5:00 PM