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Forum Groningen for Ukrainians

Information for people from Ukraine

The Forum offers a variety of activities, services and courses to the children and adults who fled from Ukraine. There is also a selection of children's books that can be rented for free. On this page you will find everything the Forum has to offer.

Do you want to offer your help to Ukrainian refugees? Check out www.gemeente.groningen.nl for more information.

Information for people from Ukraine


Refugees from Ukraine receive a free one-year subscription to all Forum libraries. With this subscription you can rent books, e-books, DVD's, and more. You can also make use of other facilities in the libraries. On www.bibliotheek.nl you can find initiatives such as a free language program, audiotranslations of picturebooks en the online website RefugeeHelp.

To provide Ukrainians with more than 3000 free reading, listening, learning and entertainment possibilities, the multimedia content supplier Odilo has launched a free app for both Android als iOS.  The app is available all throughout Europe and contains material for both children and adults.


On the website www.jeugdbieb.nl you can find books, coloring pages, learning material and more in the Ukrainian language. On www.noordhoff.nl you will find learning material and content for middleschool and highschool students that has been approved by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education.


The Forum libraries have extended their collections with several products with Ukrain or the Ukrainian language as their main theme. On Plein 3 in the Forum Centrum you can find the department Reading and Writing: an extensive collection of books that help teach people the Dutch language and help with integration.

Books in Ukrainian

Tove Jansson

Krajina Mumi-troliv : Knyha treja

  • Ronaldo, Cristiano
  • Biografieën

Guillem Balagué


  • Bloggen
  • Verliefdheid
  • Sociale media

Zoe Sugg

Divcyna onlajn : solo

Ana Punset

Klub cervonych kediv

  • Vakanties
  • Emoties
  • Familie

Megan McDonald

Dzudi Mudi j NEnudne lito

  • Geheimen
  • Haken
  • Emoties

Megan McDonald

Dzudi Mudi – marsijanka

  • Zoektochten
  • Verdwijningen
  • Magie

Thomas Taylor


Erwin Moser

Manuel' i Didi : velyka knyha malen'kich mysacych pryhod

Learning the Dutch language

Learning the language is a good way of getting familiar with the country you're living in, whether it be for a short or longer period of time. In the Forum you get the opportunity to learn Dutch on several levels. The language courses are taught by certified teachers. During these courses, you learn to recognize the grammatical structure of the language. Other than that, there is room for practical uses such as speaking and writing.

During the Conversation courses you can practice speaking Dutch without pressure. You will converse in a small group of people about relevant news and experiences in the Netherlands. The course mentors are Nt2-teachers in the Forum. They can answer questions about the language and offer feedback.

Every Forumlibrary also has their very own Taalcafé, which is a cozy and comfortable spot where people gather and meet to help one another with the Dutch language. It especially focuses on the speaking of the language. Employees are present to help.


Supervisors, coordinators and language volunteers have listed their Dutch language tips on the website www.oefenen.nl. This way you can help teach people from Ukraine, but also from Syria, Yemen, Eritrea, Afghanistan or anywhere in the world the Dutch language as quickly as possible.