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The moment of truth

Philosophers through the ages have engaged with the concept of truth. And the question whether something is true or not is more urgent than ever in these times of fake news and alternative facts. These are turbulent times, times of doom scenarios but of visionary views too. Where is it all going? Who tells the truth? Is truth the same to everyone? How credible is science? And who decides what is or isn’t true? Maybe we should take things a bit less seriously and maybe humour can save us. But what kind of humour? What is humour anyway? Cynicism?

During the Groningen Night of Philosophy, over 25 speakers will be looking for truth, humour, and good in humans. The programme is stacked with lectures, talks, discussions and debates.

Limited edition 2021

We will try to organize a smaller edition of the Groningen Night of Philosophy in April this year. Please stay tuned!


There are no new dates planned (yet) for Groningen Night of Philosophy.

The Groningen Night of Philosophy is a collaboration between the Faculty Philosophy (UG), Studium Generale and the Forum Groningen.