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Now in the Forum: AI: More than Human, the major international exhibition on artificial intelligence, in collaboration with the London Barbican Centre.

AI: More than Human prolonged

Because of the current situation involving the coronavirus, the exhibition is not going to be moved to th next planned location. Because of this the exhibition will stay a bit longer in the Forum. The exhibition AI: More than Human can be visited until the 16th of August.

Opening hours

The exhibition AI: MoreThan Human is open to visits from Wednesday until Sunday from 10.00 until 18.00 o'clock. Also on holidays.

Timeslot per hour

When you're buying tickets online, you have to pick a timeslot based on an hour. You may enter the exhibition from the start time of the slot on your ticket until 45 minutes later. Does your slot start at 10am? Then you can enter any time between 10am and 10.45am. Please do not come to the entrance before your slot. This ensures a good spread of the visitors inside and outside of the exhibition. You can stay inside as long as you want.


Standard € 9,-
Children up to 6 years old € 0,-
Children aged 7 to 17 € 6,-
Students € 6,-
Stadjerspas* € 5,-
BankGiro Loterij VIP-card* € 0,-

Annual Museum Card

We don’t yet know whether the annual Museum Card (in Dutch: Museumjaarkaart) will be valid when we open. We’re working on it! As soon as we have confirmation, we’ll inform you here.

* Stadjerspas or BankGiro Loterij VIP-card?

Please get your ticket at the cash register. We cannot check your Stadjerspas or BankGiro Loterij VIP-card in our webshop.

Discount on exhibition catalogue

On presentation of your ticket for AI: More than Human, you only pay € 20 for the catalogue that accompanies the exhibition (normal sales price € 29). The catalogue is for sale in the Forumshop. This promotion is valid until August 16.


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About the exhibition

This exciting, interactive exhibition showcases the latest creative and scientific developments in the field of artificial intelligence and explores the fascinating relationship between humans and technology.

Humans have always had the desire to create intelligence, and the results of our inventions. Artificial intelligence as we know it today, has its roots in Japanese Shintoism, Lady Lovelace's computer experiments in the 18th century, and the machine devised by Alan Turing in the 1940s.

This exhibition tells you all about the historical, technical, social and creative aspects of artificial intelligence.

It combines new, mostly interactive work by international artists with ground-breaking research projects by Deepmind, Google Jigsaw, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and works by Hiroshi Ishiguro (the inventor who created a robot version of himself) to provide visitors with a complete, up-to-date overview of the developments and possibilities of AI.

One thing you shouldn't miss is the interactive, digital installation What a Loving, and Beautiful World by the immensely popular Japanese collective teamLab.

"Technologically fascinating and visually diverting"
The Evening Standard 2811
"A reminder of the power art retains still, to translate complexity"
The Times 2813
"A thrilling vision of the future"
British GQ 2810

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