Raak mij aan! Touch me!

Three teenagers in Alberta, Canada are connected in a dreamscape. A poetic look at camaraderie, wonder and sadness.

Colton and Kyle are best friends. They roam merrily through their provincial town and the wild nature and pass the time with ordinary teenage things: destroying an old TV, spraying graffiti at a ravine, skateboarding over a rubbish heap. Their idyll shatters when disaster strikes.

Graham Foy surprisingly brings this story together with the story of their shy classmate Whitney, who is working through her own emotional crisis. The discovery of her diary leads to a mirror world. A magical ravine. A psychic encounter. The return of a dead black cat. Is this a dream? Life after death? Once we are deeply connected, are we ever really alone?

The Maiden starts as a realistic drama and slowly changes into a dreamscape, with impressionistic images full of dark undertones.


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Engels gespoken, Nederlands ondertiteld
117 min
Jackson Sluiter, Hayley Ness, Marcel T. Jiménez
Graham Foy

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