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A murder mystery set in a competitive hairdressing contest. Extravagance and excess collide, as the death of a contestant sows seeds of division in a community whose passion for hair verges on obsession.

A mysterious murder occurs at a local competition where extravagant haircuts and their barbers compete for the top prize. In a haze of hair sculptures pushed up high by lacquer, the lively company of belligerent hairdressers, models and jurors accuse each other of murder and bad taste. 

This dazzling film debut by Thomas Hardiman is beautifully filmed by cinematographer Robbie Ryan, who floats his camera smoothly through the maze of the event hall past the many mirrors, bright hues and the extravagant haircuts. 

Hair stylist Eugene Souleiman, another celebrity known for his many extravagant creations for major fashion houses, has had his hand in the fab hairstyles.


Thursday 12 October
Release date, session times to be announced
Engels gespoken, Nederlands ondertiteld
101 min
Darrell D'Silva, Anita-Joy Uwajeh, Debris Stevenson, Clare Perkins, Harriet Webb
Verenigd Koninkrijk
Tom Hardiman

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