Raak mij aan! Touch me!

With Song Machine Live from Kong, you can experience a spectacular performance by the biggest virtual band in the world in cinemas across the country only on December 14th.

Recorded at the band's headquarters, Kong Studios in London, Jamie Hewlett's well-known visuals and exciting live performance will shine on the big screen.

Featuring music from the Song Machine project, as well as some classics from their earlier work, including behind-the-scenes footage and commentary from Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. Guitarist Noodle, bassist Murdoc Niccals, drummer Russel and their frontman 2D are joined by Damon Albarn and the entire Gorillaz live band, plus some special musical guests for their first live performance since 2018!

The film lasts a total of 157 minutes and consists of three parts:

Part 1: Pre-show

This pre-show, which lasts about an hour, is like a warm-up before the concert. Here the work of Gorillaz is discussed, short interviews can be seen with members of the Gorillaz band, and records are played.

Part 2: The concert

Takes about an hour and a half.

Part 3: Behind the scenes

Will be viewed after the concert!

English spoken, English subtitles.


Tuesday 14 December
20:30 till 23:07
Camera 2
€ 15.00
Engels gesproken, Engels ondertiteld
157 min
Damon Albarn, Seye Adelekan, Jesse Hackett, Remi Kabaka
Verenigd Koninkrijk
Jamie Hewlett