Raak mij aan! Touch me!

Masterfully filmed love story during the Second World War, winner of the Golden Palm in Cannes and digitally restored.

A young couple is separated when the Germans invade the Soviet Union. He enlists and leaves for the front, but what does the war mean for those at home?

Director Mikhail Kalatozov omits propaganda and focuses on individual emotions. This makes this film about a tragic love affair during the Second World War unique in Soviet cinema. His new film language, full of surprising camera positions, paved the way for young innovative filmmakers such as Marlen Khuchiev and Andrei Tarkovsky. It became a classic thanks to the superior photography of cameraman Sergei Urusevsky.

Digital restoration by Mosfilm.

Russian spoken, English subtitles


Monday 6 December
19:00 till 20:45
English subtitles
Camera 2
€ 11.00