Raak mij aan! Touch me!

Do you want to 3D print something, but you don't have a printer yourself? Or do you have questions about your design? Need help to turn your "tinkering idea" into a printable prototype? Then come to the Smartlab. Every Thursday evening, the 3D printing experts from Forum Groningen and Fablab Groningen are present to help you on your way. Simple issues or prints are carried out in and by the Forum, more complex designs can be carried out at FabLab Groningen's own location.

Making a reservation is convenient

The open entrance is free of charge, but it is wise to make a reservation (and to report your question in advance) via info@forum.nl.
If you already know that your question is a "job" for the Fablab, you can also contact them directly via info@fablabgroningen.nl.

How does it work?

  • Ask your question and book your visit to the walk-in consultation hour via info@forum.nl. If necessary or desirable, you will be contacted by us before your visit.
  • Take your file with you on your own laptop (we prefer this method:)) or on a USB stick. The file must be downloaded in an STL / OBJ version.
  • Not everything is possible. The 3D model must be printable in our slice program (Prusaslicer), but there are also other factors that make a file not printable. Your file will be checked in advance by our employees as thoroughly as possible.
  • We work with Tinkercad, a very accessible and fun program that allows you to model 3D figures. This program is available for free and can be used from your browser, so you can also get started at home.
  • The printing is stopped If it appears that there are errors or impossibilities in the 3D model and it is printed incorrectly twice. This is the risk of the customer.
  • When your want to print an existing 3D model taken from the internet, we would like to know this and see the link to check possible copyright issues or special printing advice from the designer.
  • The default setting of the printers in the Forum is a fill of 20% (i.e. how solid the object will be) with a print setting of 0.1 or 0.2 mm. There are certainly possibilities to adjust these settings, this will affect the price of the product.
  • In the Forum we only print with PLA. PLA is made from lactic acid, which is obtained from agricultural crops such as corn and sugar cane. It is a sustainable product and biodegradable.

What are the costs?

  • The start-up costs are € 10 (for, among other things, the conversation, checking the design and preparing the printer).
  • The printing costs are € 0.35 per meter of filament (so depending on the desired size and filling of the print) - see diagram below. The image below also shows it nicely.


price (0,35 €/m)

measurement in mm






48*58* 50



















  • The total costs are calculated in the slice program and agreed in advance with the employee.
  • Payment is made in advance at the ticket office.
  • There are no costs associated with a brief advice, a push in the right direction.

When is your question for Fablab Groningen?

If you have a more complex design question, something needs to be designed for you or if you develop something for professional use, we refer you to the present employee of Fablab Groningen. Any printing will probably be done at their location. Agreements about process, costs and payment may deviate from the above and must then be made with the Fablab employee present.





Thursday 2 December
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