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Studying at the Forum

Students are always welcome at the Forum. We offer extended opening hours in exam periods of Hanze University of Applied Sciences, so you can study all day.

Opening hours in exam periods

In the next exam period from Saturday 19 October to Friday 1 November, our library at Oude Boteringestraat will be open from 8am to midnight. We'll be open on Sundays too, for students only.

In the exam period, everyone is welcome as soon as our doors open at 8am. After our normal closing times, you'll need your student card to get in.

The Forum is open daily at 9 am, on Sundays at 10 am. We close after the last film, which is around 0.30 am during the week.

In the exam period (Saturday 11 to Sunday 26 January), when the University Library on Broerplein is only accessible to students and staff of the University of Groningen, we are open daily at 8 am. Please note, you can study until closing time (approx. 0.30 am) but you can't enter after 11 pm.

Opening hours in exam periods

Golden rules

The library is for everyone. To make sure all our visitors enjoy their time here, we have some rules:

  • Always bring your student card.
  • There are tables that we keep free for other visitors. You can recognize this by the sign 'this is not a study place'. If you are there, you can be approached by Forum staff..
  • It is not allowed to consume any food you bring.
  • Please dispose of your waste in the appropriate bins.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside, on the rooftop or in front of the entrance. Please keep the square accessible and clean.
  • You can park your bicycle (free of charge) in the guarded bicycle shed under the Nieuwe Markt. This garage is open 24/7.

Still want to study in the city centre?

Then come within the regular opening hours to the Hanze Mediatheek in the Wiebenga (Petrus Driessenstraat 3), the Prins Claus Conservatory (Meeuwerderweg 1) or the Minerva Academy location (Gedempte Zuiderdiep 158). You can find more information on the Hanze University website.