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Martini membership

For those who want to borrow items from our libraries as well as from the University Library.

The same conditions apply to his membership as to a standard membership: you can borrow up to 25 titles at the same time for 4 weeks, without a late fee.

How to join

You can sign up for a Martini membership at our City Centre library.

All membership info:

Fee (18 and over)€ 7,25/month or € 87,-/year
Payment methodDirect debit, monthly or annually
Loan period4 weeks
Maximum number of items25 
Number of items on hold5
Additional cardYes (one-off fee of €5,50)
Interlibrary loansYes
Internet-only membershipIncluded (2 hours per day)

50% discount for students of Hanze University of Applied Sciences

The Martini membership is also available to students of Hanze University of Applied Sciences who wish to borrow books from the University Library. Hanze University of Applied Sciences pays 50% of your membership fee!