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We are all Groningers | Zondag 3 juli

Internationals, meet the Dutchies! Dutchies, meet internationals!
Have you ever glanced at someone passing by on the street and wondered what their story is? We are mostly all strangers to each other, we speak different languages and often have completely different backgrounds — and yet, we all have one thing in common — our (current) home: Groningen.

Join 6 (or less) speed meeting sessions where we’ll pair one international with one Dutchie at a time, providing questions about the world, the city and the people of Groningen to get the conversation going.

The event is free, but pls sign-up if you want to join.

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We are all Groningers | Zondag 3 juli


11:45 Walk in
12:05 Opening
12:15 First meeting round
12:30 Second meeting round
12:45 Third meeting round
13:00 Fourth meeting round
13:15 Fifth meeting round
13:30 Sixth meeting round
13:45 Wrap up

The event is co-organised by Released festival in collaboration with Here & Now in Groningen and International Groningen.

Released festival is a techno & house music initiative, hosted at a different location each edition. As much as we like to party , our connection to nature, the world, and society is also a big part of who we are. Creating awareness & reconnecting with each other and the world.

We always want to cherish the beauty within one another and also that which surrounds us.The drops in the logo are a small reminder of all of that.

Ben je een voorstelling aan het maken en wil je graag testen wat het publiek er van vindt?

Ben je een voorstelling aan het maken en wil je graag testen wat het publiek er van vindt?

Zing je in een koor en ben je nieuwsgierig hoe jullie klanken klinken in de hal van het Forum? Debateer je graag met vrienden maar wordt je huiskamer te klein? Ben je heel geestig en denk je dat je met gemak een hele tribune aan het lachen krijgt? Dan is dit echt iets voor jou: Op de Bühne!



Er zijn (nog) geen nieuwe data ingepland voor Op de Bühne.