Raak mij aan! Touch me!

The future is now! Do you think that we'll meet those climate goals? What if the rainforest was gradually transformed into a mechanical rainforest? Will robots be our friends in the future? And will you migrate to Mars if the world ends? Say no more! VERS invites you to VUTURE, an audiovisual party! We have peered into our crystal ball and have seen the VUTURE. So fasten your seatbelt for a marvellous journey to the future, together with our DJs and some impressive visuals. Get ready in 3,2,1!

DJs: Duke Hugh * Nathan Homan * Surprise act

To join the party you have to be 16 years or older

Opening: 24 Hours of Forum

Forum Groningen opens on Friday 29 November at 5 pm for a 24-hour experience. Meaning 24 hours of films, talks, events, and a great party! For everyone.

Opening: 24 Hours of Forum