Raak mij aan! Touch me!

When machines can do everything better than we can, will our children love their perfect devices more than their imperfect parents?

A baby is lulled to sleep, the cradle rocking by itself, going faster and faster as it plays dreamy sounds. Slowly but surely the baby’s eyes close. A mother wonders to herself whether her children will love her as much as the ubiquitous devices that care for them so perfectly. Director Natalia Almada observes her surroundings, switching between her own personal life and the wider world around her—the natural world we have infiltrated, bent to our will, or set fire to. And so we look with her—feeling fear and wonder in equal measure—at a planet on which her children face the dangers of climate change while at the same time placing all their trust in technology to care for them.

In this documentary essay, winner of the U.S. Documentary Directing Award at Sundance 2021, dreamy music transports you to an almost meditative state. There you become receptive to contemplating the relationship between humanity and technology, and you'll undoubtedly draw your own beautiful, critical, and terrifying conclusions.


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