Raak mij aan! Touch me!

It’s dry here; barren, cold, and so beautiful it brings tears to the eyes.

Describing the Tibetan Highlands as picturesque doesn’t quite capture this inhospitable region. This is the habitat of countless extraordinary animal species, including the wild yak and the Tibetan blue bear. Leading nature photographer Vincent Munier and writer and professional adventurer Sylvain Tesson spend weeks on the high plateau, searching on foot for the ultra-wary snow leopard. Despite having visited the region several times before, Munier has never seen this rare predator. And the snow leopard, a true master of camouflage already wise to their game, isn’t planning on being caught on camera just like that.

Director Marie Amiguet captures the friends’ quest with a keen eye for natural beauty and a touch of gently deprecating humor. Warren Ellis composed the serene score with Nick Cave. It’s an intensely moving film about the art of seeing—and being seen.


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