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The feel-good Britcom of the year! The Singing Club is a comedy drama by director Paul Cattaneo (The Full Monty) about friendship, family and the power of music.

Being a military wife can be challenging. Separated from their loved ones, they struggle with anxiety and loneliness as they wait for their partner's return or for that fateful knock on the door they hope will never come. Kate is the perfect officer's wife, bearing her burden with grace and stoicism. In an attempt to take her mind off things, she attempts to persuade a group of women on the base to start a choir.

Initially Lisa, a rebel and rocker to the core, is sceptical but soon she is convinced by their humour and courage. Putting aside personal differences, Kate, Lisa and the other choir members ultimately succeed in finding their voice together. Much to their surprise, the women are given the opportunity of a lifetime to belt out their pop hits before an audience. Kristin Scott Thomas stars in this film, which is based on a true story and which has inspired women around the world to form choirs and sing their hearts out together


Thursday 5 November
Release date, session times to be announced

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