Raak mij aan! Touch me!

Feel free to join us on saturday and sunday evening at our talkshow with interesting and extraordinairy guests! 

Did you just finish watching a film and are you not ready to go home yet? Don’t worry and chill with us during these free talkshows starting at 18:00.  



Animatie in Kleur

Patrick Chin and Saverio Wielkens have just started up the initiative ‘Animation in Colour’. Their goal is to better the representation of artists of colour in the Netherlands. How are we doing at that front right now? What can we do for more and better representation? And what plans do Patrick and Saverio have for this year?   

Daphna Awadish

This filmmaker is originally from Israel and creates animated documentaries. Her latest films ‘Bear with Me’ and ‘Journey Birds’ have traveled to multiple festivals and won several awards. In her documentaries, Awadish central theme is often the notion of ‘home’. And we see this in her newest film ‘Swimming with Wings’ as well, which we will talk about this evening.  



Cosplayer Miss Pixel

If you think about animation, you think about anime. And if you think about anime, you’ll surely think about cosplay! Jannah Roovers, a.k.a Miss Pixel, has been in the Dutch cosplay scene for years and invites us to talk about the culture and what you have to do to create your own pixel perfect cosplay costume.  

Piet Kroon

Who doesn’t know films like ‘Shrek', ‘Rio’, and ‘The Iron Giant’? Story artist Piet Kroon has played a big role with storyboarding and character for not only these, but several other films you might know. He’s here this evening to talk about his own animated films.  


There are no new dates planned (yet) for Talkshow Framed.