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Are you an international in Groningen?

The Dutch spoken during the sessions is easy to understand, with plenty of opportunities to practice your Dutch. The supervisors are Janine Eleveld and Rudi Kamminga, who work at Forum as lecturers of Dutch as a second language. The programme offers two separate tracks: level A2/B1 and higher levels.


Friday 7 August
09:30 till 12:30
Cursus 3
€ 7.50
Friday 14 August
09:30 till 12:30
Cursus 3
€ 7.50
Saturday 22 August
09:30 till 12:30
Cursus 3
€ 7.50

The programme

Friday 17 July: "De omgevallen boekenkast" - Theme: Dutch literature

We discuss the books that you enjoy and introduce you to a number of popular Dutch writers, whose books are easy to read. You will be given a tour of the Forum's library, with special attention to the Lees & Schrijf and foreign-language books sections.

Friday 24 July: "Dat staat als een huis" - Theme: Architecture

What are some special buildings in Groningen and what is your take on housing in the Netherlands? You learn some typical Dutch expressions or idioms related to building and living and will be given a tour of the Forum. You will even get to see places that are almost never open to the public!

Friday 31 July: "Wat zien ik?" - Theme: Dutch cinema

How many Dutch Oscar winners do you know? Or do you prefer to watch films from your home country? We discuss our favourite films and Dutch film culture. And we go to the cinema, of course! The Forum programmer will screen a number of fragments from some 'iconic' Dutch films.

Friday 7 August: "Tom Poes, verzin een list!" - Theme: Dutch comics

We will introduce you to a number of famous Dutch (and Flemish) comics and picture books. Can Nijntje, Ollie B. Bommel and Jan, Jans en de kinderen help you get to know the Netherlands better? You will also tour Storyworld, the one and only museum for comics, animation and games in Forum.

Friday 14 August: "Wadapatja" - Theme: Groningen

What do you find special, beautiful, or perhaps even annoying about Groningen and the people of Groningen? You take part in a discussion about the city and the province with a special guest, i.e., Martin Hillenga, a historian and the author of 'Wadapatja - 101 Groninger tradities, gebruiken en (eigen)aardigheden'. Coffee and poffert will be served and perhaps we'll even have time for a short walk around the city.

Saturday 22 August: "Ik heb de banden vol met wind" - Bike trip to Garmerwolde

We hop on our bikes to cycle from Forum to Garmerwolde (near Groningen). Once there, we visit the stunning medieval church and an exhibition titled Feest! In Oost en West. Our visit ends with coffee (or tea) and a delicious slice of cake in the tearoom next to the church.

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