Raak mij aan! Touch me!

Do you want to keep your knowledge of Dutch alive this summer and maybe even improve it?

We welcome you to this summercourse in Forum Groningen, specially organized for internationals. 6 morning programs with various themes. Including guided tours and an excursion to a new city quarter.

The program is in understandable Dutch (for everyone starting from A2 level) and there is a lot of opportunity to speak yourself. You will be accompanied by Janine Eleveld and Rudi Kamminga, Nt2-teachers at the Forum.


There are no new dates planned (yet) for Summer course Go Dutch .

Friday 6 August
09:30 till 12:30
Cursus 3
€ 7.50
Friday 13 August
09:30 till 12:30
Cursus 3
€ 7.50
Friday 20 August
09:30 till 12:30
Cursus 3
€ 7.50

Friday July 16: "De Suikerzijde" - bicycle excursion to a new city district.
Over the years, a large, new urban district has emerged on the west side of Groningen. It used to be a sugar factory but in a few years there will be 5000 houses here. We get a tour of the site and we visit the Campaign. This is a breeding ground for creative artists and entrepreneurs. We drink coffee on one of the terraces on the site.

Bring your bike! We leave Forum Groningen at 9.30 am.

Friday, July 23: "Boekweit en Pastinaken" - Organic Food and Life
Do you ever buy organic items, such as vegetables, meat or washing powder? How important is it to you and what do you think of the 'organic offer' in Groningen? This is what we're talking about this morning. Guest is Jacob de Vries of natural food store De Nieuwe Weg. He shows a few special products and talks about the philosophy behind this. We also look at examples of organic fruit and vegetables: what are they called and what can you do with them?

Friday 30 July: "Eeuwenoud Groningen" - historic buildings, courtyards and cafes
You can learn a lot about the history of Groningen by looking at historic buildings. The earliest residential houses, age-old cafes and courtyards where pilgrims stayed overnight. Each property brings a piece of history to life. We talk about the function of the buildings, what were they in the past and now. We visit the beautiful Pepergasthuis and drink coffee in one of the historic cafes.

Friday, August 6: "Denkend aan Holland..." - newcomers and their love for the Dutch language
"The Dutch language has given me enormous freedom, which I grant to every newcomer." This said Mira Feticu from Romania, author of the book 'Declaration of Love to the Dutch Language'. In addition to her, other non-native speakers have also successfully published in Dutch, such as Rodaan Al Galidi, Kader Abdolah and Yasmine Allas. This morning you will be introduced to Dutch poetry by writers from other countries. And we write a poem ourselves!

Watch an interview with Mira Feticu here. (start: 5.50).

Friday 13 August: "Kunst aan je voeten" - artworks on the street
In Groningen you see a lot of art on the street, such as Ome Loeks's peer on Stationsplein or Farsi Largo/ Making Space above Waagplein. Who are the makers and what is the story behind these works of art? We talk about art in public space, with examples from Groningen and other places around the world. We also go outside to see some works of art up close.

Friday, August 20: "Geen plastic maar klei" - solutions for a circular world
We need creative solutions for a sustainable and circular world. In Groningen, designers like to work with local and natural materials such as clay, straw and seaweed. This morning you will be introduced to a number of interesting ideas and projects. And designer Marc Paulusma comes along with a 3D printer that uses clay and glass instead of plastic.