Raak mij aan! Touch me!

Fabulously hyper-romantic and mystical Japanese animated film with strong summer vibes about a young student who falls in love with a fire fighter, only to have to let him go again when he suddenly dies.

This film deals with the sublime feeling of intensely loving someone and saying goodbye to them in a wonderful, unexpected way. Minato is a young fire fighter who always wants to do the right thing. But he secretly dreams of the tall, auburn-haired surfer girl he watches so effortlessly glide over the waves – Hinako, who feels free at sea, but clumsy on land.

An adorable meet-cute brings them together, followed by a summer fling on the beach. It is their first crush, but has all the makings of a forever love until, one day, Hinako's world is shattered to its core: Minato dies. But in her intense grief, something beautiful happens. The universe opens up to give them the chance to say goodbye in a magnificent, magical way.

Yuasa Masaaki is one of today's most inventive and exciting anime directors. With his highly recognisable style – somewhere between Pop Art and Gauguin – his sense of humour, and his energetic, quirky characters, he has earned himself a spot among illustrious artists such as Miyazaki (Ghibli) and Shinkai (Your Name).

Expat Cinema

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Forum Cinema


Thursday 6 August
19:10 till 20:54
Rabo Studio
€ 10.50
Saturday 8 August
16:15 till 17:59
Camera 4
€ 10.50
Sunday 9 August
17:25 till 19:09
Rabo Studio
€ 10.50
Monday 10 August
17:00 till 18:44
Rabo Studio
€ 10.50

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