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Traveling through Wonderland

In collaboration with the Forum Groningen, Rotaract Groningen International is organizing an interactive afternoon in the Forum where children (around the age of 8) can go with their parents to give the children a taste of different cultures through interaction with students from different countries.  

This afternoon has the theme of “Traveling through Wonderland”. There will be several tables where the children can learn different things from a variety of cultures from around the world such as games, phrases and important aspects of those countries  

The children receive a paper “passport” where they can get a stamp or sticker at each table. When the children have been through all the tables and have their “passport” full, they can have a photo taken at the medialab on the Green Screen where they can be captured as a real-world traveler.  


There are no new dates planned (yet) for Reizen door Wonderland.

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