Raak mij aan! Touch me!

A fascinating, glorious and exciting documentary chronicling the life of the exceptional director Quentin Tarantino and his first eight films.

Full of fun clips and delightful anecdotes from his favourite actors and actresses. If you weren't a fan yet, you will certainly be now! Actors such as Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Waltz and many others talk about Tarantino's unique approach, explain how iconic scenes were created, discuss his affectionate relationship with the actors and actresses he works with and how everything is connected in his films.

The self-taught filmmaker dropped out of high school aged 15, convinced of his own artistic talent. From the outset, his style was singularly unique. His sets are hard-working movie parties, where the director's iron-clad control mingles with an atmosphere of joint discovery and excitement. When Tarantino is behind the camera, he cracks up at his own jokes, even dancing along to that infamous dance scene in Pulp Fiction. From the cash-strapped aspiring director who used to crash on people's couches while making Reservoir Dogs to the man who resurrected the careers of John Travolta and Pam Grier.

Tarantino loves film, from the pulpy and lowbrow to the downright obscure, infecting everyone he works with and us, after seeing this documentary, with his passion. QT8 gives you a fresh perspective on his films, making you want to see them all again as soon as possible. It seems almost inconceivable that nobody had thought of making a film about the director of such iconic films as Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill and Django Unchained.

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