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The five members of the legendary Canadian-American rock group The Band were like brothers.

But alcohol, heroin, car accidents, canceled concerts and a disagreement about royalties ultimately broke them up.

A relaxed Robbie Robertson, the now 76-year-old former guitarist, songwriter and driving creative force of the group, looks back on his own past and that of The Band. At the age of 16, this son of a First Nation Canadian mother and a Jewish father (whom he never knew) traveled from Canada to the Mississippi Delta, where he got to know the other members of the group. They backed rockabilly musician Ronnie Hawkins, played with Bob Dylan on a celebrated tour, and developed the style of roots rock that they took around the world to wild acclaim. In 1976, Martin Scorsese captured their farewell concert in his masterful documentary The Last Waltz.

There’s remarkably little old footage of this legendary group, but the impressive lineup of interviewees (including Bruce Springsteen and George Harrison) makes up for that. And then there’s the music, of course. Three members of The Band are already dead, and this is very much Robertson’s story – a gift for the many fans.

With introduction: Monday 2 December 9.15pm

This film has an introduction in Dutch.


Monday 2 December
21:15 till 23:05
No subtitles, Incl. an introduction
Camera 2
€ 10.50

Director: Daniel Roher

Lenght: 100 min

Language: English spoken, no subtitles

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