Raak mij aan! Touch me!

A prose poem celebrating a day passing with several groups of people navigating life's adventure.

In praise of a day going by. Teenagers arrive on bikes to walk down to a river embankment and while away the hours, swimming and feeling like the emperors of the universe. Folks a little older arrive at a house for lunch and conversations. The children are having fun in the concrete jungle between houses – a realm only they know. When darkness falls, soon only the teenagers remain, singing now and in a mood to make merry. Dawn will see their hangovers and their happy tears.

Airy yet graced with true gravitas, Füür brännt is a hymn to groups and their dynamics. No story as such is told, there are also few micro-dramas in the different sets of groups and there’s not a single character who moves with the viewer from space to space. It’s more the surroundings, the sense that these different spheres could very well be close to each other, the sense of light moving through the hours and how it changes that keeps these series of impressions flowing. At the end of Füür brännt, we feel grateful for having been invited to experience life like this.


Thursday 2 February
19:15 till 21:00
Incl. a discussion afterwards
Camera 4
€ 10.00
Saturday 4 February
20:30 till 21:45
Camera 1
€ 10.00
Duits gesproken, Engels ondertiteld
75 min
Michael Karrer

IFFR in Groningen

The International Film Festival Rotterdam is coming to Groningen! 

From Wednesday 1 to Sunday 5 February.

IFFR in Groningen is the perfect opportunity to explore unknown, international gems or to discover the special titles of the upcoming film year.

IFFR in Groningen


Moana with Sound Moana with Sound

Moana with Sound

Thursday 2 February 1:15 PM tot 2:53 PM
Something You Said Last Night Something You Said Last Night

Something You Said Last Night

Saturday 4 February 6:45 PM tot 8:21 PM
War Pony War Pony

War Pony

Thursday 2 February 9:15 PM tot 11:10 PM