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 Northern Shorts is an exciting programme with animated shorts from our region.

It offers a platform for animators who live, work, study or are raised in Groningen, Friesland or Drenthe. Watch these diverse locally made films together with the makers, who are there to give a bit of insight in their projects.  

The following films are part of this shortsprogramme.

Student leader 0:02:59 
Cake-zillaJohan Klungel0:00:46“Yes, Godzilla is at it again and is destroying the city, but this time he has a heartwarming reason for it”
RED: A tripMarieke Druiven & Lieve van Loon0:02:10Have you ever wanted to experience a drugfilled adventure, without all the fuss? Watch "Red: A Trip" and find out what it's like!
De VerhoudingSophie Spendel0:01:44Listen to my love language.
IgnoreEuan Mac Ruairí0:01:30Ignorance is not always bliss.
Evva - Dark SeaEdward Kobus0:04:54While whales swim above the roofs of Dutch towns and cities, 2 people try to find each other in this video clip full of trippy metamorphoses.
De wraak van de 7 meerminnenRené Adema0:03:00When skipper Jurk Jensen is caught in a terrible storm, he is bagging on his knees for help. He promise to stay on his vessel for his life and will never to live on shore . Seven mermaids come to rescue Jurk and the storm dies down.
Zomer in NederlandFynn van der Ziel0:03:58In the music video 'Zomer in Nederland' Roosbeef chants her way through Dutch summer. Solar streams of hope and desire.
Red DinoKees Koorevaar0:04:30“Red Dino is a short film about a child with too much fantasy. The monotonous and lonely routine that's forced upon him every day makes him grow into a troubled teenager looking for a way out.”
Mira is doodEva Lenis0:00:48 
Princess and the PeaHyemin Lee, Lotte Huizenga, Anna-May Lohfeld0:04:34In this modern stop-motion rendition of "The Princess and the Pea," a skeptical prince tests a young woman's sensitivity in a quest to find a true princess, but ends up learning that true love may be more than just a list of ideal characteristics.
Questbound: Forbidden Ventures of the Undead SoulAlexander Bierling, Owen Buckley0:07:03an evil king feared by all misreads the intentions of a noble knight, and ends up flirting with a married man.
Hananim (하나님)Yateesha van Loon0:01:10‘Amongst countless pathways, we are perpetually in search. But in search of whom, where or what?’
Pet-ty TheftLe Lam Khanh Truongova0:01:50A young girl chases a thief to reclaim her stolen grocery bag, which leads them to an apartment belonging to a stranger, who falls in love with the thief
Nocturnal Thought BusHannah van der Weide0:04:18The nocturnal thought bus comes at night and will take you on a spiralling journey through your mind. Nocturnal Thought Bus is a music video for the german band Crystal Glass, made with mixed media.
Soep Christa Moesker0:10:00 

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