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Why wouldn’t you use animation as a medium to tell real stories?

These international filmmakers had the same idea. A special programme with short documentary films about important themes such as sexuality, immigration and family secrets.  

The following films are part of this shortsprogramme. 

The HarbourmasterMia L. Henriksen, Konrad Hjemli0:07:17Mockumentary "The Harbourmaster" tells the story of its titular swan, and of how he went from a beloved small town icon to a wanted criminal.
The best grandfather in the worldNina Bisyarina0:06:30An animated documentary about the childhood memories of the protagonist Felix. It documents his very close relationship with his grandfather, and how everything changes when the grandson decides to come out as gay.
ProsopagnosiaSteven Fraser0:10:15An animator’s experience of Prosopagnosia is explored through the contents of a memory box.
I'm LateSawako Kabuki0:10:35Have you or your partner ever had an experience where you missed your period or been “late”?
We are hereDoménica Castro, Constanza Castro0:09:00Four young immigrants reveal their hopes and dreams as they navigate a perilous system that defines their fate and freedom.
Discussions animées entre entendeurs de voixTristan Thil0:12:16Instead of the term schizophrenia, they prefer the term voice hearser. Twice a month, they meet around Virginia, who leads a discussion group for people suffering this illness, considered incurable. 
Pas Amoureux Eugénie Bouquet 0:04:20An animated documentary about sexual assistance.
Lada, Ivan's SisterOlesya Shchukina0:07:29A documentary animation based on the real story of Lada, a transgender woman from Russia. She tells her and her brother Ivan’s secret.
Love, dadDiana Cam Van Nguyen0:12:27 

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