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Conversatiegroup level A1-A2

In addition to language classes, the Forum also offers conversation classes at different language levels. In small groups (maximum of six people) you will discuss various topics, such as news items, experiences in the Netherlands, etc. In the conversation group A1-A2 you can practice speaking Dutch in a safe and stimulating environment. The supervising teacher can answer questions about the language and give feedback.

Extra information
A course consists of 12 sessions of 90 minutes. The teacher is Janine Eleveld. Classes are once a week on Wednesdays, 10am - 11.30am. The first class is on Wednesday January 11, the last class is on Wednesday April 26.

Questions? Send an e-mail to info@forum.nl.


Wednesday 11 January
10:00 till 11:30
Cursus 1
€ 120.00