Raak mij aan! Touch me!

Dark Waters tells the shocking true story of lawyer Rob Bilott, who has just become a partner at a prestigious law firm.

As a corporate lawyer for various large chemical companies, Rob Bilott (Oscar®-nominated Mark Ruffalo) already has a proven track record and guaranteed future prospects. When confronted at work by a West Virginian farmer, who claims that toxic waste is being dumped on his land - contaminating the crop and killing livestock, Bilott gets caught up in a personal conflict.

Hoping to bring the truth to light, he eventually files suit against the DuPont chemicals company. He understands the need to fight and bring justice to a community that has been exposed to deadly chemicals for years. This is the start of a 15-year-long battle against the chemicals company, in which he not only risks his career and reputation, but also severely tests his relationship with his wife Sarah (Oscar® winner Anne Hathaway) as well as his own health.


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Director: Todd Haynes

Language: English spoken, Dutch subtitles

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