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"Los Angeles, November 2019" - That is how Blade Runner (1982), starts, followed by the opening shot of the city in a relatively distant future.

And now everyone can experience first-hand whether this vision of the future has become reality because The Future Is Now! Ridley Scott's definitive version of this classic will be temporarily screened again. With its amazing sets, ground-breaking special effects, impressive costumes and stunning camera work, Blade Runner (The Final Cut) - The Future is Now offers a unique insight into a dystopian society in the near future.

The recently-deceased Dutch actor Rutger Hauer made his breakthrough in Hollywood with this film, playing the character of Roy Batty, a replicant or lifelike android, who is pursued by Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a special agent employed to hunt down and 'retire' replicants.


This movie has an introduction in Dutch.

Director: Ridley Scott

Length: 117 min.

Language: English spoken, Dutch subtitles

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